About the company

Inspired by the pasta making traditions of Italy, Pasta Della Nonna brings you a deliciously memorable taste experience in every bite. Our pasta recipe was handed down from generations of Italian grandmothers to our chef. Using state of the art Italian machines, a slow drying process and specialized packaging, we transformed premium 100% Durum Wheat into various pasta types so you can turn them into mouthwatering pasta dishes.
Know How

Know How

Pasta making is an Italian tradition that has been perfected over time and has become a work of art, requiring expertise, finesse and dedication.

Pasta Della Nonna honors the tradition by following the 3 rules for making the perfect Pasta without compromise:

1-      Coarse Ground Semolina from 100% Durum Wheat: to maintain the integrity for the gluten, have the perfect texture and color

2-      Slow Drying Process at Low Temperature: Preserves the flavor, aroma and nutritional properties, for a healthy and tasty end product. Other products in the market chose a shortcut with a high temperature and quicker drying time, caramelizing the sugar in the wheat and leading to a less healthy and tasteless product.

3–      Pure Neutral Water: Pasta Della Nonna uses pure drinking water with no additives, which means that the water taste is neutral and will never interfere with the pasta’s pure aroma.