Casarecce N⁰ 88

Casarecce (from Italian: casereccio, which means “homemade”) are short twists of pasta originating from Sicily which appear rolled up on themselves.

It is also a very popular pasta in other regions of Southern Italy. Therefore, the best sauces to serve with it are those of traditional Southern Italian origin with typically Mediterranean ingredients such as eggplant, tomatoes, cheese, and basil. This pasta is also often served with seafood or fish, such as swordfish.

Sicilians often eat casarecce with what is known as Sicilian pesto. This is a sauce full of the flavours of typical local produce; ricotta, tomatoes, basil, olive oil, and pine nuts. However, there are a number of other local pestos, in Sicily, such as Trapanese pesto; which is made with basil, almonds, pecorino, and tomatoes as well as almond pesto without the tomatoes.




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Casarecce N⁰ 88